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Ranger Basic Module

Approved for use at Ranger School and created with the input of U.S. Army Ranger School Instructors, the Ranger Basic Module is intended to provide a Ranger School student the "Tools to Succeed" throughout the course of instruction and, more importantly, throughout his career in the Operating Forces. The THULS RBM has already been adopted by a number of Army infantry units as the standard module issued to team and squad leaders and has immediate application among other units within the Army. 32 Pages on 16 Cards contain: Status Cards (2 Sets), TACEVAC Request / NATO 9-line, MIST, SITREP, SALUTE Report, IED / UXO Report, CFF: Call for Fire, Indirect Fire Weapons Tables, Direct Fire Weapons & Hand Grenade Tables, Threat Weapon Capabilities, Range Card, Recon / Ambush Sketch Template.

Card Count: 16

Size: THULS (5 1/2 x 4 3/8)

Item No: THM-002A

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